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It's Never About You

It’s Never About You!

Air Date: June 2, 2022

Did the title of this episode shock you? Are you thinking that this is just another guy needing to vent? There are multiple ways to approach a statement like this. Suffice it to say that hearing the phrase, “It’s Never About You” is actually helpful. There is something useful when we can shift our attention to what is happening beyond our control. There are many times when actors appreciate the focus and attention they command. Equally important are those times when knowing you are not the center of it all can actually be a relief. Let’s talk about it. On this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

Things to tell yourself when you hear self-talk get negative

It’s never about you when working on a scene with two people

a. Re-focus’s the inner “temperature taking” to the other in the scene. This makes for a better scene.

b. Deflection equals attention.

c. Investing in the other has dramatic energy and raises the stakes.

It’s never about you when you audition

a. Being good and being right are two different things.

b. You might never know why your audition got a callback or not.

c. Casting involves criteria that you might never be aware of.

It’s never about you when it comes to others’ opinion about you

a. Others have their own prejudices and past affectations

b. Your voice is the only one that matters.

c. Al you can do is know that being your best self is a process not a goal.

It’s never about you when growing a career

a. You are not your career. Your career is a business decision, a strategy, a concept

b. Finding the balance between artistry and practicality is key.

c. Others may act as career guides for you. (This is not bad or good, it just is)

It’s never about you when you invest in others

a. Embrace the relationships that are equally balanced.

b. Take an interest in the creative choices others make.

c. Remember that everyone is seeking way to be validated

So many times, I see actors who look for ways to be the center of their universe. It might be a matter of self-preservation or simply a defense against expending energy in a way that has no personal benefit. When you decide to get out of you own way (when comes to these inner monologues), the opportunities for growth and creativity explode. Remember to tell yourself, “It’s never about you” when you find that you are listening to your own voice and not enough listening to those around you.

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