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Finding the Flaws

I think we can all agree with the following statement, “nobody’s perfect”. As much as we like to think of ourselves in a positive light, there is no denying th

at we possess qualities that need improvement. Be it anger, jealousy, greed or lust, there is always something we think of as a flaw.

Some part of us that we wish we could fix. Being self-aware is a good way to keep our, less than admirable, traits from taking over. Well, the same can be said for the characters you play when you are acting. We’ll investigate finding the flaws on this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

Every character you play has, what acting teachers call, a fatal flaw; something that is detrimental or challenging. Whether it is for an audition, rehearsal or


knowing where your character’s weakness lies is a fantastic way to add depth and nuance. Many times actors do not spend enough time working of this important aspect of the work. Here are some reasons for finding the flaws:

· Provides added obstacles for the character

· Removes the “literal” choices actors use as a default

· Colors the inner life of the character you are playing

· Secrecy is interesting and fun to play

· Keeps the actor in present tense, not reflective or passive

How the fatal flaw works for your character

· Unspoken issues become interesting to play

· Spontaneous behavior- captivating to see

· Weakness adds depth and nuance

· Overcoming adversity is heroic

· Increase identification and empathy

Best methods for use:

· Make the fatal flaw part of the subtext

· Understand how the flaw affects our behavior

· Being flawed is not always a negative- it can lead to better choices

· Decide if you know your flaw or is it unknown to you

· Understand how powerful (or not) your flaw is in the scene

The point of filtering your acting with the character’s flaws is a great tool for making interesting discoveries. Your unique choices are valuable in any scene. Having a character flaw is yet another ingredient for your creative recipe. So, don’t hesitate to tell yourself, “I am going to find the flaws”.

Jeffrey Dreisbach, Casting Partner, McCorkle Casting LTD-New York, N

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