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Are You ans Actor Overthinker?

So, the actor says to me, “I’m trying to make the scene work by applying everything I‘ve learned In class!”. “Really”, I said,” and how is that working out for you?” “Not great. I can’t seem to remember anything including the words! “I’m a disaster!”. You are not a disaster…you are an actor. An actor with a solvable situation. Let’s have a conversation about an issue I’ve seen with more and more frequency. The ACTOR OVERTHINKER, on this episode of Casting Actors Cast, the podcast and video for you! The over thinking actor!

We don't have problems…we have situations!

Actor overthinkers come take several forms:

The smart actor:

Creative perfectionist/never satisfied always analyzing.

Impossible to be objective about the work because it is result oriented

Solution: Turn the focus away from self and into the character’s behavior

Less result oriented and more connectedness with the other character

The insecure actor:

Compensate the potential for rejection by presenting and not being

Decide that if you are not “working at it” it is not good

Solution: Decide that you are unique and enough

Stay open to creative choices that are spontaneous

The angry actor:

Try to be “edgy” and show an affected side of their personality

Question others, question the writing, question the notes that are given

Solution: Ask yourself how this approach serves you

Take your internal “temperature”. Listen more, talk less.

These are three examples of the overthinking actor. Good acting is created and then left alone for exposed for others to feel and respond to. The overthinking actor has to simply learn how to share themselves and then leave it alone. Keeping it simple is the key. Re-directing your energy toward being in the moment can stop your overthinking and start landing solutions so you can stress less!

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