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10 Ways to Make Money Acting!

Air Date: 2/24/2022

10 Ways to Make Money Acting!

Using your training and professional background as an actor for gigs other than on screen or stage might be something you’ve never thought about. After all, you are an actor and actors need to act! I get it. But what about those times when you might not have a ton of auditions or roles lined up for the near term? Keeping yourself sharp and “Actor Ready” is vitally important during those lea

ner times. What kind of side hustles make the most sense for you? I’ve got 10 ways to make money using your acting background in this episode of Casting Actors Cast!

In no particular order:

1. Be a reader for casting directors or production companies

2. Work as a monitor for Acting studios/schools/acting organizations

3. Be a tour guide for museums/trade show speaker/public information personnel

4. Become a reader for the blind

5. Create a local community acting class

6. Apply for summer theatre camp positions

7. Sell your one-person show to communities/schools/adult living communities

8. Form an acting troupe to perform at outdoor events, public gatherings, v


9. Teach acting to young people at school (after school program?)

10. Product demonstrator in retail establishments

Perhaps some of these ideas will inspire you to find a side Hustle that works for you so you can continue to fine tune yourself while holding out for acting roles. Remember that the profession is really a personality driven business. Finding ways to grow yourself and your personality will enhance who you are and what you are capable of which, in turn, will keep your acting sharp. Now, these suggestions might not apply to you. Perhaps you are fine with where you are in your acting and a side hustle does not make sense. That’s ok, just keep yourself open to the possibility that an opportunity to perform is just that. The skills you have right now, could be very valuable to someone or something else just waiting for what you have to offer. Like it or not, there is a lot of talent doing what they can to keep their dream alive during this time. You could be helping others and yourself when you look at the 10 ways you can make money with your acting. If I have missed some other gigs you might be doing or think…please let me know!

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